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Subject: CLOSE_WAIT problems
Author: Julian Taylor
Date: 01/29/2003 00:06

I have been using HTTrack alongside an Apache Tomcat4 web-
server to generate the static portions of my web-site (with 
great success - fantastic product!). I have found however 
that under moderate load occasionally the web-server 
process will stall (and stop serving) due to a number of 
TCP connections  entering the CLOSE_WAIT state.  The only 
way to release these is by restarting the web-server.  I am 
a little confused as to which application might be causing 
this issue (Tomcat or HTTrack).  I have a feeling it might 
be HTTrack occasionally failing to call the final close(), 
however I might be wrong.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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