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Subject: Re: I'm looking for a new Program
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/02/2003 19:47
> I'm wondering if anyone could help me and/or refer me to 
> good source that can help. I need a program that can go 
> a given website and repetitively query that site's (SQL) 
> database and gather the data. It would require that this 
> program reference a text file to answer the different 
> fields within the website's search engine (these fields 
> span 2 or more pages before the query is ran). Also it 
> needs to be able to handle gathering the information over 
> multiple pages.

Unfortunately this isn't possible, as httrack can not 
handle automatic filling (only "form capture") and can not 
fill multiple forms.. this would require some PERL 
scripting, I guess ; but I doubt there is any automated 
tool able to do that for now

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