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Subject: Password sites, Capture URL
Author: Kumar
Date: 02/20/2003 03:42
I am trying to use the Capture URL and it is not capturing 
the URL.

I have AOL for Internet connection. After I go the page 
with the form, I go to Internet Options/Connections. Select 
Settings for AOL dial up. Add the Proxy address and port 
given by the dialog box. I enter the user name and 
password. Nothing happens in HTTrack. How can I verify, if 
the browser is going through the proxy ? Even after closing 
the dialog box with the proxy server address in HTTrack, I 
am able to access the internet through IE, with the proxy 
server settings still in tact. I guess, the proxy server 
settings is not working properly.

 Should I execute separate program for capture url ?
Can somebody give me a sample URL with form fields, so that 
I can view the source of the form page and modify the form 
fields to suite the site I am trying to download ?

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Password sites, Capture URL

02/20/2003 03:42
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