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Subject: Re: Please view the errors I got !
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/23/2003 08:31
> I downloaded this site, and here are all errors messages 
> received, I do not understand what they meant.

> HTTrack3.22-3-noV6+swf launched on Thu, 20 Feb 2003 
> 15:17:18 at <> * +*.css +*.js -

The commandline is bogus: you specified * and not -* or +*

> 15:17:20 Info:  Note: due to remote 
> rules, links begining with these path will be forbidden: 
admin.php, /admin/, /images/, /includes/, /themes/, /blocks/
> , /manual/, /modules/, /language/ (see in the options to 
> disable this)

The standard robots exclusion also prevented you from 
downloading the directories indicated

> 15:17:20 Error:  'Not Found' (404) at link 
> (from primary/primary)

And this link could not be found

> How do I set up the OPTIONS to avoid this kind of errors?> I am a newbie so
please help me to understand this.

First fix the '*' thing and use -* instead
The, you may use the --robots=0 to disable robots rules, 
BUT also limit the number of simultaneous connections: use 
something like -c2

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Please view the errors I got !

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