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Subject: Re: Text Querystrings
Author: LUKAZ
Date: 02/23/2003 12:48
The site I want to mirror is 
<http://localhost/OBK/inicio.php>, on this first page I have 
a link which is <http://localhost/OBK/seg/obkseg.php?idc1=1&dsc1=Herramientas>
which HTTRACK mirrors OK except 
where the variable $dsc1 is used and is left empty. The 
link on the inicio.php page produced by HTTRACK is 
href="seg/obkseg58f4.html?idc1=1&dsc1=	Herramientas". 
(Maybe the problem is the blank space after the equal 

When I mirror the page
<http://localhost/OBK/seg/obkseg.php?idc1=1&dsc1=Herramientas> directly with
HTTRACK I do not get 
this problem as the paged is mirrored correctly.

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