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Subject: Re: write results as ascii to *one* file
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/01/2003 18:08
> as a foreign language teacher i frequently use the web as 
> the world's largest corpus of sample texts. whenever i'm 
> interested in finding out about the usage of a word, i 
> simply turn to google, search for the word and have a 
> at its context(s).
> however, i feel that my work could be easier if there was 
> possibility to save all the pages that google finds in 
> plain vanilla ascii to one text file and then parse it 
> a concordance software such as winconc.
> is it possible to include such a feature into a future 
> version of httrack?
Well, this is a very specific feature, and I won't 
implement it in the near future (there are many other 
pending features to-be-implemented before). 

If I understood the idea, the goal is to:
- fetch "all" found pages from google (how many?)
- transform them in plain ascii
- merge them all in one signle file

This would require some advanced scripting ; and even if it 
is beyond the scope of an offline browser like httrack, 
this may be feasable using bash-style scripting.

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write results as ascii to *one* file

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Re: write results as ascii to *one* file

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