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Subject: Re: MD5 calculation
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/04/2001 19:11
> Still there are some differances when I clalcule MD5 
> over the UTL which is in the list and when the files 
> named to the URL is saved to the disk. Where can it 
> came from?
I don't know! Maybe in som rare cases, when you get 
URIs with espaped characters that shouldn't have been 
escaped, maybe (for example, escaping "a" when it is 
not necessary?)

> And looked a bit and discovered that there are some 
> URLs which has Caps in the domain name, which are 
> md5 calculated assuming lowercase letters for the 
> domain.?
RFS 2616 says that domain names MUST be cases 
insensitive. Therefore, all domain named are converted 
into lowercase in HTTrack

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