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Subject: Scandisk Errors - Incorrect File Time
Author: Michael
Date: 03/02/2003 12:05

I have been using your excellent program for two years, 
without any problems.

Last week I upgraded from version 3.05 to 3.22-3. 

Now I get lots of complaints from Scandisk: some downloaded 
files "last-modified date or time is invalid or is in the 
future..." When I look at the file's properties (in 
Explorer, Win98SE), the date and time reported are OK; 
strangely, the time is always shown as HH:MM:00. If 
Scandisk corrects the time stamp, it changes to HH:MM-1:58.

In a related newsgroup article I found the following: 

"Recently, I looked at a couple of directory entries, using 
a disk editor (WinHex, FWIW); the actual time was HH:MM-
1:60; that is, the seconds field held a value of 30 "double-
seconds".  It seems that (W98SE) Explorer treats the 
invalid 60 seconds by reporting seconds as 0, and 
incrementing the minutes field (an OK choice); but that 
ScanDisk, when told to check for invalid dates and times, 
is pretty picky.

This happens on both my FAT16 HD and my FAT32 HD, both 
under W98SE. The problem is recurrent, and happens when I 
copy certain files from a NTFS server ... it also happens 
when I use IEv5.5's WindowsUpdate tool and other means of 
downloading files.

 ... It appears that this is a result of minor differences 
between the treatment of file times, between NT/W2K and 

It would be nice, if WinHTTrack could take account of this 

Many Thanks,


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