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Subject: Re: Can't mirror Books24x7 website
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 03/04/2003 02:36
> 'Info: Note: due to remote 
> robots.txt rules, links begining with these path will be 
forbidden: /images/, /bookimages/, /coverimages/, /viewer.a
> sp, /viewer_l.asp, /viewer_r.asp (see in the options to 
> disable this)'
> Please Help!! I have try set different option such 
> as 'Spider' but still can't mirror the site.

Some things:
1. Read the htmlhelp manuals included with Httrack (also 
online).  Read the FAQs
2. javascript may be a factor, but more likely the problem 
is a combination of javascript and the authentication stuff.
3. the authentication stuff may be interfering
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