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Subject: Bad Request... long query strings
Author: Uwe
Date: 03/06/2003 01:22
I have found a lot of similar problem descriptions here but
none of the proposed solutions worked for me:

I am trying to regularly monitor a certain page containing a
a really long query string (basically a page like a search
The string looks like this:

However, I always get a "Bad request" error. The URL itself
works perfectly when copy&pasted into Opera or Mozilla. The
error occurs only with httrack.

I have set my Browser ID to something "normal", I have
reduced the number of connects to 1, I have enabled cookies
(although this does not seem to be the problem), I have even
tried to escape the minus-signs in the query string by using
the HTML-entity for a minus... Nothing: the error remains.

For testing I have tried to mirror the root of the site
( - all the static pages are mirrored
without a problem but all links with query strings run into
the same "bad request" error.

Does anybody have an idea of why this happens? And maybe
even a solution.


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