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Subject: Re: OT: HTTrack 3.23, as in..
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/08/2003 16:48
> .. H.323.  
> Sorry, I can't help mixing acronyms, etc.  

Eheh :)

> Well, how can I force httrack to use a given IP as source 
> ? (in some multi interfaces configuration, it could be 

Err, you can't, except by changing the default route or 
patching the sources. (I don't bind() the socket before 
connecting it)
Anyway this (default source address) should be process-
dependent, but it has never been implemented afaik.

> (bon j'avoue c'est un peu juste pour t'embeter cela dit 
> pas souvent que l'on voit des options pour ça..

(and entre nous, à part pour des outils comme nmap, je ne 
vois pas du tout l'interêt :)) )
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OT: HTTrack 3.23, as in..

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Re: OT: HTTrack 3.23, as in..

03/08/2003 16:48


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