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Subject: Re: you shouldn't just
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/18/2003 19:07
> You shouldn't just change tarballs on the site, thats not
> how things should work...3.22-3 now points to 3.23

Yes, this is problematic -- but the main reason is because 
many freeware sites are always pointing to the versionned 
release, and therefore without this trick, users would get:
- either an old release
- or a 404 (not found) error

..which is not good either.

I could improve a bit the system, by returning a redirect 
code to the new release, but this will break some stupid 
servers which just check broken links by fetching the 200 

Note that there is a Debian ( 
package in progress (the 3.23-2 has been uploaded in 
unstable and is waiting to enter into testing) ; it might 
be helpful, too, for gentoo users :)

> Please be careful when messing with tarballs you've
> released, it saves us (the developers downstream) a lot of
> trouble =)

Welll, the other reason is due to limited space : I can't 
archive multiple releases very easily, unfortunately.

The previous 3.22.3 release can be found at:

I'll try to isolate the tar.gz from the exe/zip ; which 
might be another solution.. any suggestion is also welcome

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