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Subject: Some ideas/ suggestions for httrack
Author: Anthony
Date: 03/19/2003 16:43
These are the two emails I attempted to send...

Hello Xavier,

I really like your program... and the ideals behind it with 
the GNU backing. 

I had an idea, and I don't know if it is actually 
feasible... but here goes.

What would be a nice addition for httrack is the ability to 
have a separate 
program serve as a proprietary browser for HTTrack... that 
is not to say that 
the files should be limited to the browser... just that it 
would be nice to 
have a browser that...

... would display what is in the cache for a saved webpage 
offline... and not 
attempt to connect to the internet to get that outside ad...

...Can let you edit files out without degrading links... or 
allows the person 
to reassign the link to another page... or reassign it to a 
different offline directory... so that a person can assign 
the link to one of 
their other directories.... such as for example... I 
downloaded a certain 
site... yet found much of its content was under a different 
URL... It would be 

nice to link these two together so that they flow rather 
than attempt to search 
for it...

...also would be nice if it allows you to do a batch print 
within a selected 
directory... with full selection of which files are 
actually printed..

... and finally... the ability to search the pages of that 
offline website as 
you would be able to on the online website... and search it 
based on 
relevancy... and search it with many options... like most 
forum searches 
allow... to make it more relevant. Sort of like the forum 
searches of Mogusland 

Also... it would be nice to be able to que up more than one 
offline directory 
for this search. I am in the process of making a free 
downloadable html-based 
newsletter... and would like to see the person be able to 
que up issues 1-10 
and search them all for reference.

It would be nice as a separate program as it would probably 
be smaller and more 
easily downloadable... and hopefully make a person want to 
read my newsletter 

instead of passing it up. This is just the way I see it 

Well... that is all I've got... maybe a program that does 
all of this exists 
already and I haven't found it yet... so sorry if that is 
the case. I'm not a 
programmer, so I can't help you there... but I will be 
donating shortly... 
right now... all I can give you is ideas... and I'm sure 
you thought of or had 
heard of a few of them before... but I had to throw them 
out here just in case.

Thanks for your time and for this fine program you've 
already created,
Anthony Quinn

I must correct what I wrote, and say that I do not mean 
proprietary... but 
primary... just a program that fits httrack like a glove... 
but still of course 
support the ability for the other browsers. 

I think that is closer to what I mean.

Talk to you later,
Anthony Quinn


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Some ideas/ suggestions for httrack

03/19/2003 16:43


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