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Subject: Re: A site structure?
Author: Leto
Date: 03/24/2003 23:34
> Being a newbie, I would just wanted to know if there is a

> software which would let you know a structure of any

> website, with folders and files, so when you use HTTRACK 

> can make sure you got everything?

No, not really.  The only way a program could do that would 
be to download every web page on a site to see what pages 
exist and what files they link to.

Which is what HTTrack does, so it's best to stick with only 

> Most of us are not really familiar with the OPTIONS how to

> set them correctly. I read the tutorial online but for the

> OPTIONS I am not ready yet including many members on this 

Yes, HTTrack's options can be pretty daunting.  Have you 
read the Fred Cohen guide?

[]  In particular, 
hop down to the "Filters" heading.

I believe there are one or two FAQs online, but unsure of 
the URLs anymore.

Oh actually, I still have an old FAQ available


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