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Subject: mirroring ebay
Author: Karl-heinz Meier
Date: 03/29/2003 05:55
hi, folx.

I am trying to make a mirror of a ebay-section to be able 
to get some kind of "database" on sold equipment and the 
price I'll get there.

I use the ebay-category-page 1 with a link deep of 3 and 
some filters; 
In the URL list, there's just page 1, as all further 
category pages and the articles are reachable within clicks.
As the links are EbayShowMe.dll?itemnumber  I have set mime 
type .dll > html which works real fine and fast.
(just in case I am not the only one who wants to do this)

my question now :

everything works nearly fine, all files are copied to my 
HDD; half an hour later, I have a current snaphot.

BUT, if I tell httrack to update my files, the files on the 
harddisk, which have no further link to the main file
(because the end date is reached) are not updated, 

if they would be updates, I'd have the page "equipment 
12344 ... sold for 11111 euros", which is the thing I want.

Did I do anything wrong ? 
Or is it just impossible to update these files ?(Is HTTrack able to do what I
want, and if yes, how ?)

Thanx for your support, Karl-Heinz Meier

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