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Subject: Re: Translate for brazilian portuguese
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/29/2003 15:50
> I just love this software! It´s very, very good.
> And I want to help in some way.
> I´m offering my knowledge in english and brazilian 
> portuguese for translate the page, readme, faq and other 
> stuffs. I know that you have a session in french, why not 
> put one in portuguese?
Well ; many people have offered similar suggestion, but I 
generally decline. 

You may have see that there is neither any french 
documentation/faq, nor for any othe rlanguage. The reason 
is simple: maintaining multiple verions of doc/faq/website 
is a REALLY tough job.

For example, there are currently 24 different languages in 
winhttrack, and it generally takes **several months** 
before all translations are properly synchronized. This is 
already quite difficult to handle, and managing in the same 
way multiple faq/doc/site languages would be really a true 
nightmare for me (I can't wait months before a new release 
is launched).

So, thanks much for the kind offer, but I am not yet able 
to accept it, as it would require too much work on 
the "backend" side

> Once again, thank you for your great job!

Thanks :)
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