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Subject: Re: href=
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/03/2003 07:04
> Try to create an html file names 'test.html' with:
> *A href='?section=2'*link*/A*
> (here, greater and lesser than are changed to *)
> and browse to 'test.html?section=1'.
> It works great on the browser, the link works (doing 
> nothing interesting) but it works ok.
> On HTTrack it doesn't, since the link is followed 
> as 'test.html??section=2', where the double question mark 
> prevents HTTrack from macthing with the same file.
> Is it a bug or am I missing soomething?
This was a bug in 3.22 ; which should have been fixed with 
3.23 - can you confirm?
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