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Subject: Re: Help with an interrupted download...
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/06/2003 18:58
> I'm downloading a large file from M$'s website and using 
> HTTrack to continue so I can download the file over the 
> course of, say, a week.  HTTRACK thinks that I got the 
> whole file when I haven't.  How can I tell HTTrack to 
> continue instead of trying to reload, or thinking it has 
> the file just fine??
There are two options currently impelemented:
- the continue option, which will only attept to retransfer 
missing data, and will not attempt to ask the remote server 
for "freshness"
- the update option, which will also check already 
downloaded material and see if it is complete and up-to-date

The second option seem to be the best one in your case. 
After that, it is up to the remote server.. if the server 
is stupid and is not able to properly respond to refresh 
commands, httrack will have to re-download data which did 
not change.. this is is trongly linked with the server 
capacity, which should use all HTTP/1.1 potential and 
caching options. 

But, unfortunately, MANY dynamically-generated websites are 
just dumb, and are not able to handle caching properly.. 
even if caching dynamically content is really not 
difficult, when properly done.
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Help with an interrupted download...

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