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Subject: Re: Limits
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/08/2003 23:22
> We have problem with web spider limit option. There is an 
> option uses -rN and -%eN parameter. It doesn't much as is 
> unederstantable in manual. What paraetrs should I use if 
> need to limit downloading for 'internal' and 'external' 
> links.

The -r option (depth) limits the number of "clicks" httrack 
can walk through the site, from the top index (top index = 
the index httrack generated). -r2 means two clicks from the 
top index, that is, depth of 1 from original urls

The -%e option (external depth) is the same, but for all 
links that would not have been captured normally. This is a 
very specific, and potentially dangerous option, because 
setting a too large external depth can cause a global WWW 

Generally, you should NEVER use the external depth, which 
is an horrible hack. You should also avoid the depth 
option. These options are a bit useless with filters, which 
are a more powerful (and easier) way to control the scope 
of the mirror. To sum up: don't use -r and -%e unless you 
exactly know what you are doing :)

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