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Subject: Faster downloading...
Author: DavidF
Date: 04/09/2003 03:33
I've sorted out my yahoo! groups problem but can somebody 
tell me what settings would retrieve files the fastest. I've tried 
using both HTTrack and teleport pro on a 2mb site. HTTrack 
took 7-8 minutes but teleport pro took just over a minute. I 
really want to stick with HTTrack because of all the options it 
has (plus its open source :) ) but obviously with bigger 
downloads I'm going to see bigger differences. I notice that 
teleport pro gets 20k/s but i get at best around 11 with 
HTTrack though it often falls :(

Ideas please...

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Faster downloading...

04/09/2003 03:33
Re: Faster downloading...

04/09/2003 06:54


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