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Subject: Re: Only 170 Links are possible?
Author: Sten
Date: 04/09/2003 12:30
I have had the same problem. In my case I have a list of 
~20,000 files(trying to mirror a yahoo group), but it 
crashes at ~198. It seems that I have version 3.23 (+swf)

Any help would be more than welcome, since it is a real 
pain only doing 200 files at a time to keep it from 
crashing. Running NT4 SP6 btw.


> Hi!
> My English isnt so good but i try to discribe my problem.
> I have a URL-list with 30 links. Everybody link has 9 
> links which schould be download. So i have 270 links. But 
> after 170 links the program finisched with an exception. 
> Its always the same exception after 170 links. The 
> report me that it is a memory-exception and after press 
> button 'ok' the program finisched! 
> Why i cant get more than 170 links when i import a URL-
> list? I hope you can help me!
> Heinz

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