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Subject: Re: Old files in website folder
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/17/2003 18:46
> We just noticed that in out website mirror directory 
> are very old files in there. Some are from September and 
> October. All the other files are updated each night. 
> It seems that these files have somehow gotten 'stuck' in 
> that directory. Is there an option to tell httrack to 
> delete all files before running or to delete and files 
> are older than today's date?
Such case sometimes happend when a mirror was interrupted, 
and in such cases somes files can be orphaned (not seen by 
httrack anymore). There is no automatic way to wipe them ; 
but you can do that using the start/find files tool 
(windows) or the find command (unix) with "date" settings 

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