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Subject: Re: <body onLoad="javascript:location='...'"> not grab
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/17/2003 19:04
> I am experiencing a problem with a site I was trying to 
> mirror. On the
> second page of the website, there is an onLoad attribute 
> the HTML body
> tag, and it looks like WebHTTrack does not try to grab 
> URL:
> <body 
> tc/''>
> Is my assumption correct? Is there a workaround to follow 
> this URL?
No - the following would have worked:


But httrack couldn't detect the "raw" javascript:location 
property withotu the "document." object. 

I'll try to find a fix on a future release.

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<body onLoad="javascript:location='...'"> not grab

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