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Subject: Individual daily mirrors of newspaper - How?
Author: Chee Kueh
Date: 04/19/2003 06:24

I've read the FAQ and forum posts and docs but still can't
achieve what I've been trying to do with HTTrack. My aim is
to build up an ongoing archive of several online newspaper
and magazines. For example, say I want to mirror each daily
edition of Guardian Unlimited at If I
set aside a unique Base Path for Guardian eg.
c:\downloads\Guardian and then in the Project Name field I
enter a new date for each day's mirror, somehow HTTrack only
capture the first project.

Is it possible to get HTTrack to save a mirror of the same
site under a new and different directory each day? Also,
when I burn a collection of these directories to a CD, what
do I have to include to make each day's mirror "browsable"
from the CD?
Thanks in advance for any help.


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Individual daily mirrors of newspaper - How?

04/19/2003 06:24
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