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Subject: Re: Session State
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/21/2003 23:23
> When I download a link, I get the login page for the site 
> instead of the web page content.  Above the login fields 
> is a message stating 'Your session has timed out. Please 
> login again.'  However, if I copy/paste the link to a 
> browser (IE) I am able to view/save the page contents (I 
> don’t receive the login window).   
> I get the same results with WebCopier and OfflineBrowser 
> as well.  I can’t figure out what information is / is not 
> being sent to the server in IE that is / is not being 
> through WinHTTrack that causes the session timeout 
> and login box to appear.

Most probably, a session cookie stored somewhere (probably 
in the C:\Documents and Settings\<your login>\Cookies\ 
folder or C:\Winnt\Cookies\)

You can try to copy/paste this cookie (.txt file) in the 
httrack project folder (such as C:\My Web Sites\My site\). 
If it does not work, you will have to play with the 'Add 
URL' / 'Capture URL' feature, which is a bit hard to handle 
(but it is really powerful in many cases)

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