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Subject: WinHTTrack -O bug? - Please confirm this.
Author: Chee Kueh
Date: 04/23/2003 01:21

This is in continuation of my current problem with
subsequent mirrors showing up empty. 

I've done a hard drive search for all instances of
hts-cache*/log files as well as the usual bunch of doit.log
etc. Interestingly, I found:

1. The latest \hts-cache\ as well the other "attendant"
hts*/doit/log files are found in my "c:\documents and
settings\current user\" subdir *BUT* an empty \hts-cache\ is
created in the Base Path that I specify in WinHTTrack. This
is confirmed by viewing the doit.log in my "c:\documents and
settings\current user\hts-cache\", which has the following:

-O "C:\Documents and Settings\current user"

Somehow, WinHTTrack gets it right for the initial mirror by
putting \hts-cache\, the hts* files and the mirrored files
in the Base Path I specify but on subsequent mirrors, it
defaults back to "c:\documents and settings\current user".

2. Can anyone (would appreciate Xavier's comment) confirm if
WinHHTrack (not the commandline version) has the output path
"-O" hardcoded to the default value of "c:\documents and
settings\current user"? There seems to be NO way to set it
in WinHTTrack and Base Path doesn't seem to be directing the
engine completely.

3. I've saved a couple of Options files under the
Preferences menu in WinHTTrack and the Base Path value
doesn't seem to be among the options. So another question
is: where does WinHTTrack get its default options and is the
output/cache path selectable when you use WinHTTrack and not
the commandline version?
Sorry about the long post. Would appreciate a response. Thanks.

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