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Subject: URL with parameters, does not filter after "&"
Author: mark giglio
Date: 07/11/2001 09:46
Hi great software you have here.

I am attempting to download a web site that produces 
unique links for all entries on the page, for each 
Base URL I want entered in the first screen=

This base page contains links to files of the form:


which i want and I use this in the 
filter option (I'm using the windows version 3.01)

BUT the filter appears to be ignored after the 
first "&".  This causes many more files than i need to 
be downloaded.

Is it possible to enclose the search string in quotes 
or similar to get HTTrack to see the ampersand?Even if I could just filter
based on one of these (eg 
product) it would limit the files to just what i need.

Many thanks


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URL with parameters, does not filter after "&"

07/11/2001 09:46
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