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Subject: Re: index option in renaming files links?
Author: daniel
Date: 04/30/2003 11:28
> .......
> If you want to keep similar names even when updating, use 
> something like:
> %n%q.%t
> (%q is a hash value based on query string)
> (the -2, -3.. are generated on-the-fly by the naming system 
> when a collision is detected ; that is, when the default 
> address+URI transformation to a local filename gives an 
> existing name with a different address+URI)
> Again, httrack should only issue an update request, and the 
> server should only respond by sending an 'up-to-date' 
> message reply.
> .......

Thanks for your answers,

I understand limitations of the web server i want to grab,
nevertheless is there an issue for httrack to keep similar
names, even when updating, without using %q option?
I would apreciate something like that:
Info: engine: transfer-status: link added: (or updated) ->

(the index file item on the server never changes, except
when its related to a new file)

It would be convenient because the '42' item is really
meaningfully relating to the date order of the corresponding
file (%q hash value is not). I use a "Visual Basic for
Excel" program of my own for some statistical and graphical
purposes and an intuitive index file item is quite usefull
for users.

many thanks
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