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Subject: More Questions
Author: Robert J Emery
Date: 05/01/2003 09:51
I am using WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.23 (+swf).

1) What does the +swf mean?
2) My single project now has a number of URLs listed in the 
Web Addresses section.  When I wish to perform an update 
action, how do I turn off those sites for which I do not 
wish to have the update action performed?  (I always have 
the "Build > Do not purge old files" enabled.)

3) If I have to split my one project into several projects 
for the purpose of selective updating, a) how do I 
accomplish that so that an update action will not cause the 
new project (with some of the old URLs) to be completely 
downloaded anew, and b) how do I preserve the mirrored 
cross-links between the new projects?
4) Also, what significance is there to listing a URL with 
and without a preceeding plus (+) sign?  Or is that filter 
designator obsolete for WinHTTrack?

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05/01/2003 09:51
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