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Subject: Re: Could 'Include only' be added?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/01/2003 15:08
> Hi, great program- very useful thanks!
> Several times I want to get only part of the site from 
below the page I start on. Ok, 'exclude' allows excluding. 
But sometimes I have to specify 5 or 6 'excludes' so I get 
only one path downwards.
> This is rather unreliable (for me) as it means spotting 
and specifying all the excludes correctly.
> It would be great to have an 'Include only' option.
> Would that be possible?
Yes. Use -* as first filter ("exlude everything") and then 
include what you need in 'Set options' / 'Scan rules'


-**.html +*.gif

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Could 'Include only' be added?

05/01/2003 11:32
Re: Could 'Include only' be added?

05/01/2003 15:08


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