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Subject: Not parsing javascript
Author: Bob
Date: 05/04/2003 18:34
Hi, Great program, I am constantly using it.

My next task is to download all of the receipies from 
<> Once downloaded, I can sift 
through and print the ones I want. In order to get the the 
pages that I would be printing, you have to click a link 
which uses javascript to open in a new window. Here is an 
See where it says print? I want the "Full Page" to download 
so I can later print it while I am not online. How can I 
get httrack to download that page? I have tried letting it 
parse javascript but that doesn't seem to work. Also, If I 
could download only those pages while it scans the rest of 
the site, that'd be great.

Thanks alot!

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05/04/2003 18:34
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