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Subject: How can i use filter?
Author: Cyrus
Date: 05/05/2003 23:18
Dear Sir,
Thanks so much for your assistance.
I tried to download Support Knowledge Base
by URL which you recommended.
There are 972 questions and answers and
each single page includes several links to 
other pages like Login, Search, Answer, etc.
There were so many links that only 10MB
out of 70MB I downloaded was what I wanted.
More than 70% of HTML pages were repeated 
and redundant. 
I carefully read FAQ port but couldn’t solve
the problem.
I just want to download 972 questions in 49 pages
including answers.(Just these questions & answers)
I don’t even want the information the links to 
which are in the answer pages. I wonder whether
I can do this by using filters or not.
I appreciate all your help in advance.


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How can i use filter?

05/05/2003 23:18
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