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Subject: puzzle of command option
Author: Fu Chen
Date: 05/07/2003 15:23
I am new a user of httrack. I often store some pages 
descripting coding skills. In these pages, there are images 
and some important zip of code. I used to take IE's "save 
as" feature and then manually download the zips and put 
them to ".files" directory, and modify the link of zip in 
html to the one in the ".files". You see, it's tedius to do 
it several times a day. 

Hope httrack can make my life easier. I try to add a 
rightbutton-menu to IE. When get to some interesting page, 
i will select the menu and httrack command evoked to store 
the page in IE to the disk with the images, swfs and zips.

I must first know how to download a page with its images, 
zips to a structure alike to IE's "save as". I couldn't 
find the right option out of tens of options in the 
manuals. Anyone experienced in this commandline can lend me 
a hand?
Thank you!


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05/07/2003 15:23
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