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Subject: Re: All .jpg from a site, no more.
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/11/2003 20:45
> Could anyone give me the text or whatever to set the 
> up so that the following will occur:
> ALL pictures that are 800x600 from the website 
> <> will be saved,

*FIRST* (I insist), ASK the permission to copy large parts 
of sites, AND use bandwidth limiters not to clobber other's 
users bandwidth (Set Options / Limits / Maximum transfer 
rate set to 5KB/s)

It is MUCH BETTER to let a mirror run for 10 hours using 
few KB/s and leaving the site with a reasonnable load than 
clobbering the bandwidth and downloading at a crazy speed.

> no 
> HTML or anything else.

It is impossible without getting html data (because links 
can ONLY be found on html data).

I would use filters (Set Options / Scan rules) with the 
following filters:

+*/*width=800&height=600* +*/*800x600.jpg

BUT, again, ask permission, setup reasonnable filters, and 
check the mirror time to time.
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