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Subject: Re: Linking error with VC++ 6
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/14/2003 22:28
> I don't know how to compile the main project, I have a 
> error (libhttrack.lib could not be opened)and I didn't 
> on the site the libhttrack.dsp.

Copy these directories:

to get C:\Dev\libhttrack and C:\Dev\WinHTTrack

Also copy all *files* from src/ to C:\Dev

Ensure that you have all Visual C++ service packs 
installed, AND ipv6 support (see 
dMe.asp if necessary)

> Your source code and the other needed code are in c:dev 
> folder (httrack, swf, openssl, zlib and ipv6kit).

Neither openssl nor zlib directories are necessary, 
normally, normally. And the swf directory is only optional.
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