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Subject: Re: filtering,,,
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/14/2003 22:34
> Hello,
>  I just learned about this wonderful tool you offer for 
> free a few weeks ago from TectTV. Thank you very much. 
>  In your forum, you explain about fitering image size 
> 800x600, Is it possible to filter any image size greater 
> than 1MB  and  less than 500KB for example ?
That is, only accept images from 500 to 1000KB?
For the 'any' image, you'll have to list all known image 
types ; and therefore using something like:

+*.gif -*.gif*[<500] -*.gif*[>1000]
+*.jpg -*.jpg*[<500] -*.jpg*[>1000]
+*.jpeg -*.jpeg*[<500] -*.jpeg*[>1000]
+*.png -*.png*[<500] -*.png*[>1000]

>  Another thing, in mywebsite folder, I have 2 projects 
> project1 and project2. How can I just remove completly 
> project1 and leave project 2 intact in mywebsite folder ?
Yes, absolutely.
(The top index.html will be rebuilt on the next mirror)
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