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Subject: Re: Problem with username containing "@" character
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/17/2003 09:55
> I've been trying to mirror a password protected site. The
> username (not the password) I have for this site is my 
> address, and because of this it contains the '@' 

Well, this is really strange (it shouldn't be a problem) ; 
as the complete "user:pass" string is in fact passed to the 
remote server through a basic authentication scheme ; 
therefore having @ either in username or password should 
not be a problem. httrack also automatically escapes '%' 
before sending the username/password.

> I use winhttrack and tried versions 3.16 and 3.23.

This should definitely work with 3.23. The only potential 
problem might be a challenged authentication mechanism 
required by the server -- to check that, you can turn on 
headers/requests debugging by setting 'Set 
options' / 'Experts only' / 'activate debug mode'. The will 
generate an hts-ioinfo.txt file, with all httrack/server 
negictations (bware, your password will be written in thie 
file, with base64 encoding)

Grab the first 50 lines of this file 
(stripping "authentication" lines if you want), and send me 
those ( lines ; I'll see what's going on.

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Problem with username containing "@" character

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