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Subject: Webhttrack does not work
Author: Frank
Date: 05/17/2003 20:35

I've compiled and installed the 3.30-beta-5 on my Linux
system (Suse 8.2). After some path adjustements in the
webhttrack script (it looked in /usr/... instead of
/usr/local/..., where the program is installed, and also at
first could not find a browser), I now have managed to get
it partly running. When I type "webhttrack lang 1", it
starts my Mozilla browser and sets it to the URL
<http://linux:8080>. "linux" is the name of my machine, and
the port can also be 8081 etc.

But all I get from "linux:8080" is a virtually blank page,
i.e., the source code "<html> <body> </body> </html>.
Shouldn't there be something else? What is wrong?


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