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Subject: Re: Can the program do this?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/18/2003 18:42
> I want to be able to go to a small number of sites, 3, 
> information that they contain in tables that are updated 
> from the server side, and transfer that information into 
> simple matrix.
> So far as I can see, I am asking too much of the program 
> and need to look at something like Htmlparser. But this 
> a less complex program, given that I am not a 
> programmer.

Well, this is not directly possible using httrack. But you 
can post-process downloaded files using some scripting and 
sed/grep tools.

Anyway, httrack is more focused on downloading entire 
websites ; not for fetching pages (much simplet tool can do 
that ; such as the perl http module)
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Can the program do this?

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Re: Can the program do this?

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