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Subject: Re: GIF files
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/21/2003 18:04
> I recently mirrored a website containing some 'index' 
> with small .gif images. By clicking on a small image, a 
> larger version of it should be displayed. At least, this 
> what happens in the browser.
> But in the mirrored version, when I click on the small 
> image all I get is a window saying that the server can't 
> reached.
> What can be the reason? 

Are the images located in another domain or in 
upper/different directory structures ? 
In this case, use 'Set options'/'Scan rules' to enlarge the 
mirror scope.

Note that the problem might also be due to some nasty 
javascripting ; such as

.. a onClick="javascript:crazyFunction(42, 'bar')" ..

in this case, it will be greatly difficult to mirror these 
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