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Subject: Re: user@password
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/21/2003 18:12
> Hello, I have some problems downloading a site that needs 
> authentication. I get ok the first page adding 
> user:password@www... at the beginning of the URL, but 
> the page refers to an upper link and httrack doesn't send 
> user and password again so I get and Authorization 
> error. Is there any way to tell httrack that always add 
> user:password@ in every link it request?
Not really.. except using a little trick: add this URL 
together with the other one:
(replace by your site's name)

Of course, the /FOOBAR link will result in a 404 (not 
found) page. BUT this should propagate the creditentials 
for all "upper" liniks.

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