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Subject: Parsing bug in version 3.03?
Author: Michael Bandsmer
Date: 07/18/2001 20:49

I must first of all congratulate you on a great 
program.  I've been using it since the 2.x versions, 
and it just keeps getting better.

I discovered what appears to be a parsing bug in 
version 3.03.  It occurs when a link to a URL has a 
leading space.  An example can be found in the page 
<> .  
This page contains the link

<a href=" 
dark/1.4.2_slayer.html">FAQ, Section 1.4.2</a>

which has a leading space in " <http://...">;.

This results in HTTrack trying to download the wrong 
URL, as can be seen by the resulting error message:

Error:  "Not Found" (404) at link
dark/1.4.2_slayer.html (from

I don't know if the leading space is RFC compliant, 
but both IE and Netscape correctly interpret the link, 
so it would be nice to see HTTrack do the same.


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07/18/2001 20:49
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