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Subject: HTTrack not working
Author: Ping
Date: 05/28/2003 08:37
I am using the 3.30 distribution of HTTrack on RedHat. I
have a problem similar to one posted on this forum, however,
I am unable to resolve it (after using the symbolic link
mentioned in the thread. I have installed HTTrack and made
suitable changes to the search paths in the webhttrack
script. However, when I do a webhttrack lang 1, the browser
opens with the URL <http://linux:8080> and a Bad Gateway error.

This is the message that I get on my window:

/usr/local/bin/webhttrack: line 65: 21284 Killed           
      ${BINPATH}/htsserver ${DISTPATH}/ path ${HOME}/websites $@

Hope you can help. 

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