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Subject: Re: Mirroring
Author: Joe
Date: 05/31/2003 04:22
  Thanks!  It was my proxy settings.  Everything works fine 

> >  I just got the HTTrack software and tried to mirror 
> > site   Got nothing but errors?  I 
> > nothing about computers and doing stuff like this.  Was 
> > wondering if anyone can tell me how to mirror 
> >   Probably something simple that I am 
> > doing wrong.  I don't know how to set the options and 
> what 
> > they do?> >  Any info on how to do it would be very helpful!
> >  Or can this site and similar sites not be mirrored?> 
> First, use a recent httrack release (see 
> <>) - I tried this site with 
> default settings, and it _seems_ to work, at least on the 
> begining.
> Also ensure that you don't need a proxy to access the 
> Internet (Set Options / Proxy)
> And try NOT to capture the whole site, which seems to be 
> big (maybe some parts?). The site also contains some 
> javascript, and menus may not work properly after the 
> mirror (this is, unfortunately, the case with many 
> javascript sites)

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