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Subject: Re: Linux Beta 8
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/01/2003 08:56
> I downloaded and installed the latest beta. I can get it 
> come up just fine in mozilla after some tweaking and 
> the symbolic link mentioned. However, when entering the 
> for a website and clicking 'ok' nothing seems to be saved
> and the window doesn't go away.

Okay problem detected - the "ADD URL" window does not work 
with Mozilla :(

> Going to the next window and
> clicking 'start' I get an almost immediate 'mirroring
> finished'.  Checking the log shows that nothing was
> downloaded.

Whar are the other error(s)?
> One other thing I noticed and this is cosmetic,
> that the opening screen shows WinHttrack instead of I'm

Right - all strings refers to "winhttrack" instead of 
webhttrack - I'll fix that too

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