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Subject: Parsing problem (3.30-beta-7b)
Author: Leto
Date: 06/02/2003 02:06
Found in HTTrack 3.30-beta-7b (was not a problem in 3.23).  
I'm not sure if this is related to other javascript parsing 
bugs mentioned, so perhaps you've already looked at this.

In the following HTML code:
<csobj w="68" h="71" t="Button" ht="gfx/crisislit.gif">

HTTrack parses the "ht" attribute as (note the end quote):

Which 404s, resulting in (and missing close quote):
<csobj w="68" h="71" t="Button" ht="gfx/crisislit.html>

I know this is not a real HTML tag; it is crud that Adobe 
GoLive inserts.  But the problem is that without the closing 
quote on the attribute, browsers won't read the page 
correctly and makes a lot of the page unusable.

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