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Subject: Re: MIME types
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/14/2003 09:34
> Does httrack use mime types to determine the file to 
> create?  I am trying to make a copy of one of my own 
> which contains a gif entitles '245245'.  HTTrack appears 
> think this is an html page and not a gif at all.
> IS there anything in the config that I can change?
Httrack will, by default, check for the remote mime type 
(using a HEAD request) of unknown files (that is, .gif 
is "known" to be image/gif)

The remote MIME may not be set correctly? You may also 
disable default asserts in set options / MIME (php,asp.. 
files are set to text/html by default, which may not fit 
your needs)

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