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Subject: Zero bytes saved
Author: Dev Null
Date: 06/20/2003 19:35
Hi Xavier 

Please refer to this thread ... 

Subject: FTP transfer does not show bytes saved  
Date: 01/06/2003 11:49 

I am running 3.30-RC4 and I am still having the same 
problem, the bytes saved remains 0B. 

This problem has only been encountered when downloading a 
single file from an ftp  site. The file type does not 

What has been corrected in this beta release is the file 
progress bar now displays the actual progress correctly. 
Surely, if the progress bar is displayed correctly, it 
should be reasonably trivial to display the bytes saved? 
Alternatively, is it possible to read the bytes saved 
directly from Explorer as you know exactly where the file 
is being saved? 

Thank you. 


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Zero bytes saved

06/20/2003 19:35
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