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Subject: Re: Filters and WinHTTrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/21/2003 07:31
> In the help file I keep seeing references to filters, but
> nowhere in the interface do I see where/how to use them.
> Basically I have a problem, I want to do a cache of a
> news site, say or, but just
> cache the 'Top Stories', so for instance, I don't want
> the 'World' sub page, or 'sports' etc... Just the front
> page and the stories which are immediately linked to that
> page.
> How would I do this in winhttrack?
Filters (set options/scan rules) are generally good for 

For example, if information related to "sports" is 
contained in the /sports folder in, use:


But this can be also a parameter of the query string (such 
as ?sports)


But if there is no way to "detect" these links based on 
their name, it will be much more difficult..
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