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Subject: Again, entire site + first level external links
Author: Maz
Date: 06/25/2003 09:27
I asked about this a few weeks ago (see below):

Subject: Re: Copying entire website + first level links 
Author: Xavier Roche 
Date: 14/05/2003 18:01 
  > All I want to do is to copy an entire website domain 
> (eg. ) AND only the first level links 
> (.html, .jpg, .pdf, whatever...) to any other websites. 
> That's all I want. 
> There are too many such links for their corresponding 
> websites to be specified in the scan rules.
> I have been trying for hours and I can't make it work 
> correctly. I set 'external limit =1'. 

1. Set Options / Scan rules:

2. Set external depth to 1

This should do the trick.
OK, I tried that and it does NOT work.
The contents of the first level external links are not 
copied. I even tried it without the ( -* ) and it still did 
not copy the external links. And if I use the default scan 
rules only with external depth =1, it tries to copy the 
whole world.
What else should I do? Any ideas? 
Thank you,

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Again, entire site + first level external links

06/25/2003 09:27
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